Rugi Home was born from the desire to create a brand with a real passion and a real soul, all Italian. We propose blankets for the home environment: a real furnishing accessory, created to be talked about, created to be lived. Rugi Home is Ruben Bernasconi and Giulia Boccola, two young people with a great passion for textiles and for the outdoor life who decided to set up an experimental and creative workshop in the heart of the Como textile district. The inspiration comes from the deep connection we have with Nature, from which we extrapolate new textures to achieve the very material aspect we seek and realize into our products.

Our know-how of fabrics and our curiosity have driven us to pursue this dream, where passion and dedication accompany us along the way. The blankets’ inspiration comes from our perceptions and feelings. We transform our emotions and visions into fabric, giving life to garments with their own soul and personality. A collection that comes from the desire to play, experiment, amaze and excite. Threads of different thickness that, by weaving and alternating, give life to our ideas, creating a durable and inseparable relationship. We try to respect the natural system as much as possible and we try to do this by choosing certified natural yarns, recycled yarns where possible and yarns dyed with non-toxic dyes.

The entire production is made in Italy and cooperating with a local textile company, which is able to keep the entire production chain under control, gives an additional guarantee that our products are made to the highest production standards and are environmentally responsible. Producing in Italy has always been a priority and a core value according to our business ethics. We are very proud of our textile heritage and the deep connection with our territory. Quality, originality, passion and 100% Italian design are the pillars on which our brand is rooted.

Meet our founders

Ruben Bernasconi


Ruben is an adventurer, curious and a dreamer. He was born and raised in his family’s weaving factory, where he has always shown interest and curiosity in the fascinating world of textiles. After some time abroad to learn languages and deepen his textile knowledge, he joined the family business, where he still contributes. But it is when he meets Giulia that together they decide to combine their perceptions and transfer them into a textile accessory. Thus Rugi Home Italy was born, where sensations, nature, creativity and experimentation come together and intertwine.

Giulia Boccola


Born in Lecco, but now living in Como, with a degree in Industrial Design awarded in Milan, but it was only after a few years and different work experiences in completely different areas, such as publishing for the outdoor sports world, that she discovered her passion for textiles, when she met Ruben in 2018. With his dedication and innate skills, he made her fall in love with the sector and together they began to dream about a new project, which will truly take shape in 2020. Extrovert and dynamic, Giulia is a free and creative spirit who loves simplicity and feeling good doing what she loves the most. She is very sporty and loves being outdoors, always ready for new adventures.